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Come back August 2024!

What will be required if I become a responder?

As a First Responder you will work approximately 4-5 shifts per month. For the duration of your shift you are free to be almost anywhere on campus doing anything you like, as long as you are available to attend to an emergency at any time. Activities that make you unavailable are not permitted while you are on-call (such as showering, swimming, etc). 

If FRT services are required while you are on-call, a dispatcher at Campus Community Police will dispatch the team of three or four on-duty responders and you will receive a transmission on your radio. You will be dispatched to the location of the emergency, to which you must proceed as quickly and safely as possible. Once you arrive, you along with your other team members will administer whatever patient care is necessary. 

Please note that becoming a member of the FRT is a full-year commitment and responders are expected to work approximately two special events per semester in addition to regular duty shifts.  Responders are also expected to attend mandatory monthly training in addition to Fall and Winter training.

Please note that in Fall 2018, the First Response Team began operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Responders are expected to work a variety of shifts, including both day and night shifts.  As a responder you will be providing availability to our team scheduler who will then release the schedule on a monthly basis.  Please note that you will be able to be on call if you have a class (NOT a lab) as long as you are able to respond quickly if a call is dispatched to the team. 

What training is required ?

All members of the team are required to attend all mandatory training and selection sessions as well as several first aid sessions throughout the term. As well, there will be ample opportunity for extra, optional training sessions. The first fall training session will consist of two full weekends during which responder candidates will be trained to Red Cross First Responder standard, a level which exceeds Standard First Aid. All candidates will also be re-certified in Level- HCP CPR. 

The dates of MANDATORY Fall training are as follows (times are subject to change):


Saturday September 16th -

Sunday September 17th -

Saturday September 23rd -

Sunday September 24th-

Sunday October 1st-

How do I apply?

Applications to the team are competitive, but please don't feel intimidated. You don't have to be a paramedic to apply. Anyone with some first aid training, strong communication skills, compassion, dedication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities is capable of being on the team. We hope this includes you. 

In order to apply, you should hold at least the following current qualifications or comparable certifications. All certifications will be examined for applicability.

  • Level "C" CPR (Basic Rescuer which includes 2 rescuer CPR, and child and infant resuscitation) within three years of certification

  • Standard First Aid within three years of certification

If you have any questions regarding the applicability of your certifications, or do not have any certifications and would like to inquire about obtaining them, please contact

Being a FRT responder is challenging, but rewarding. There are many opportunities for leadership, advanced training and further self-development, as well as opportunities to get involved with the team at an organizational level. 

What happens after I turn in my application?

We welcome all applicants, new and old, and encourage everyone to apply to the team this year.


  • Upon reviewing the applications, our selection committee will contact top applicants to request an interview. The best candidates from the interviews will be invited to Fall Training.

  • Fall Training consists of two full weekends in September. Those screened through the interview process undergo FR (First Responder) certification. In order to make the team, you will need to pass the FR course (which consists of an evaluated patient care scenario and a written exam).

  • After the two weekends, those who receive the FR certification course will be tested through multiple patient care scenarios organized by the team. Our selection committee will then decide who makes the team.

  • Once you are on the team, rookie responders have a three month probationary period, where you'll gather experience responding to calls, and gather more patient care experience over time! 

We understand that this is a long and rigorous application process, but we will make sure to be there every step of the way. We are constantly looking for new recruits at the beginning of the school year, so don't be afraid to apply, good luck! :)

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